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    Vboot WinPE and Dell Optiplex 5060 Bios

    tsujared Apprentice

      So I finally figured out my issue with Vboot and Dell Optiplex 5060. Turns out it is not actually a driver issue. It is a Dell Optiplex 5060 issue. If you enable legacy boot on the new Dell Optiplex 5060 computers, the WinPe for Landesk UEM will not work with an add in video card. It will work still for onboard Intel Graphics, just not a real video card. If you enable legacy boot on the 5060 and try to vboot with winpe, you will get a blank screen. Never before have we had this issue with Dell. But apparently they are fast tracking getting rid of Legacy boot options. What a nightmare.


      What brought this about is we were still using legacy images. We are in the process of moving to UEFI images. So we were leaving Legacy as an option until we are fully moved to UEFI. So this has escalated our time table to move to UEFI fully.