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    BoB82 Apprentice


      Why at the time of integrating the drives during the provisioning, it integrates me of drivers of another other model, so when I assigned my drivers it was good?


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          gregory.berroa SupportEmployee

          Hi BoB82,


          HII will scan the .inf files of the drivers for matching data to assign them to the correct model.


          Sometimes multiple drivers will match up with a model which causes HII to assign the "wrong" one.


          Best Practice is to assign the drivers that are not automatically set up successfully.


          Reference the following document regarding how to set up HII:

          How to assign all drivers for a specific model in the HII Driver Management tool.


          Best Regards,

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            pippo Rookie

            Hi Gregory,


            I'm resuming this topic because we have the same problem as Bob.

            We followed the document you posted but the issue persist.


            When the provisioning reach the HII step, it doesn't load the drivers assigned in the "HII Driver Management", it rescan ALL of the drivers contained in the drivers.db3 and choose from whatever model or even manufacturer it thinks is going to work with catastrophic results like BSOD.


            I don't think there is a solution to this problem, I think this is a bug or an error in the design of the HII.

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              gregory.berroa SupportEmployee

              Hi Pippo,


              I recommend opening a ticket with support to troubleshoot why assigning drivers is not working.

              I've recently worked with multiple admins through this process and it has worked every time provided there are no other issues.


              Best Regards,

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                pippo Rookie

                Hi Gregory,


                we already had a webex with Ivanti support...

                They told us that what we are experiencing is the normal behaviour of HII and if we want it changed we have to open a request for it (3 to 6 months of developing?)


                In the meantime we crafted our own TII (because we discovered this only now)

                TII an HII Alternative / Addition

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                  BoB82 Apprentice

                  Good evening, Sorry for my late response, I did not have the opportunity to come back to expose my solution. I was taken by work. I get around the problem by going through a script if you may be interested in: - format the disc - unfolds the image - and integrates the drivers To integrate the drivers, I detect the PC model in WMIC command.


                  That's what it gives...



                  @echo off

                  title Deploiement



                  set Dbt=%time:~0,2%:%time:~3,2%:%time:~6,2%

                  set /a Start=(%time:~0,2%*3600)+(%time:~3,2%*60)+(%time:~6,2%)



                  echo Creation partition...

                  diskpart /s ImgWIM\DiskPartW.txt




                  echo Deploiement image...

                  imagex /apply ImgWIM\Img7.wim 1 w:




                  echo Detection modele...



                  for /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%A in ('wmic csproduct get vendor /value ^| find /I "Vendor="') do set Constructeur=%%A

                  if "%Constructeur%" == "Dell Inc." set RepConstructeur=Dell

                  if "%Constructeur%" == "Dell Inc.         " set RepConstructeur=Dell

                  if "%Constructeur%" == "LENOVO" set RepConstructeur=LENOVO

                  if "%Constructeur%" == "VMware, Inc." set RepConstructeur=VMware

                  if "%Constructeur%" == "LENOVO" goto ModeleLenovo

                  for /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%A in ('wmic csproduct get Name /value ^| find /i "Name="') do set Modele=%%A

                  goto Modele



                  for /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%A in ('wmic csproduct get Version /value ^| find /i "Version="') do set Modele=%%A

                  goto Modele





                  if "%Modele%" == "Vostro V130" set RepModele=V130

                  if "%Modele%" == "Vostro V131" set RepModele=V131

                  if "%Modele%" == "Vostro 3360" set RepModele=3360

                  if "%Modele%" == "Latitude E6410" set RepModele=E6410

                  if "%Modele%" == "Latitude 6430U" set RepModele=6430U

                  if "%Modele%" == "OptiPlex 7010" set RepModele=7010




                  if "%Modele%" == "ThinkCentre M83" set RepModele=M83

                  if "%Modele%" == "ThinkCentre M710s" set RepModele=M710s

                  if "%Modele%" == "ThinkCentre M800" set RepModele=M800

                  if "%Modele%" == "ThinkPad X240" set RepModele=X240

                  if "%Modele%" == "ThinkPad X250" set RepModele=X250

                  if "%Modele%" == "ThinkPad X260" set RepModele=X260

                  if "%Modele%" == "ThinkPad X270 W10DG" set RepModele=X270

                  if "%Modele%" == "ThinkPad L470 W10DG" set RepModele=L470



                  echo %Constructeur% %Modele%

                  echo Rercherche des drivers dans ...\%RepConstructeur%\%RepModele%



                  echo Integration des drivers...


                  dism /image:w:\ /add-driver /driver:ImgWIM\Drv\%RepConstructeur%\%RepModele% /recurse /forceunsigned




                  set Fin=%time:~0,2%:%time:~3,2%:%time:~6,2%

                  set /a Finish=(%time:~0,2%*3600)+(%time:~3,2%*60)+(%time:~6,2%)

                  set /a Total=(%Finish%-%Start%)/60



                  echo Deploiement termine.

                  echo Le deploiement a dure %Total%min.

                  echo L'ordinateur va redemarrer pour installer les pilotes et etre integre au SI.




                  wpeutil reboot



                  If you need more explanation, I remain at your disposal.


                  Best regards,