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    Query Sort by Time Not Sorting Properly

    BKAY Rookie

      I am having an issue with a query.  I am trying to sort based off time from a DateTime field that only displays time on a form (Start Time).  The query is grouped by a separate DateTime field that only displays date on the form (Start Date).  There is no calculation on these fields as they are meant as 'implementation dates and times' that a user selects themselves.  After digging deeper, it looks as if the date is being changed somehow though there are no calculations.  For instance, here is the query that gets emailed from scheduler:


      However, if I launch the query via web desk, the date & time appear for the 'Start Time' column. As you can see, the date associated with the time is days prior:


      Here is what the fields look like in the form (I used the first row in the example below).  The grouping is working fine (shows as an entry for a 11/13 Start Date) but the date that is getting assigned to the time field is showing as 11/12.  I am very confused and this is limiting our ability to utilize reports\queries to drive collision conversations.  There are also numerous entries where the date assigned to the Start Time field is a handful of days earlier (Additional screen shots below)


      (Example of numerous days prior)

      Emailed query report

      Same query run in web desk

      Fields in form