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    LDAP import to Barcode Web Group Custom Attribute mapping

    COLRmastenbrook Rookie

      I am trying to map LDAP fields to a few attributes in the Barcode Webgroup I created. I set up the LDAP Import "Integrate Mydomain User Information" and I mapped the attributes, however it just replaced my currently filled out attributes with some populated in AD. How can I create this to be searchable? Such as: 'Name: (searchable field from AD) Phone: (gets populated based on name selected)' Also, I have 2017.3 of LDMS

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          Hello COLRmastenbrook,


          I want to start by mentioning the webform is only going to pull/search information that is already in inventory. Using that LDAP import, it should pull in some details about machines/users from AD, which gets added to inventory.


          To show a list of available values for Name, you will have to map the Name attribute in your webform to a column of a table in the DB("Use a list of values">"Link to a table in the database"). If you took the default mappings for the LDAP information, it should be in the DPI_Owner table.


          The phone number will only populate if that user has a phone number listed in the select attribute. Otherwise, they can type it and save it, which will show next time their name is pulled up.


          I hope this helps.


          Best Regards,


          Chris Casity