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    Licensing purchase question

    brad.e.smith Apprentice

      Mgmt is looking to renew our license and asked about the number of licenses we need. With a lot of transitioning in out environment, we found around 200 machines that hadn't scanned into the core in about a month. That brought up a question. What does Ivanti consider an “active license” for EPM? Our roll-off is set for 30 days, however, recent conversations here have wanted to take that roll-off away so data on unused machines in the wild don’t fall out of the console. My concern from an admin standpoint is the potential influx of machine records that change would allow to remain in our consoles that aren’t actually using a license.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Normally, "anything" that is in the database / inventory counts as "a managed node".


          If a device is (say) off-line for 30 days, because the owner is off on some sabatical ... it's "still a managed node" since you can report on it, and prep tasks for it.


          By and large the person to check this up with would be your sales rep.


          I *WOULD* note that 30 days is pretty aggressive & usually a bad idea (because of combinations like "holidays + broken PC on return from holiday" ... I would recomend not having less than 90 unless you're REALLY good about controlling your users / estate somehow) .


          Hope that helps?