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    Helpdesk Reporting on Patch History

    shnerk Rookie

      We are currently running LD 8.8 SP1 with Patch Manager.  We have a new request from our helpdesk that will help them rule out if an overnight patch has affected a user.  Our helpdesk each have a LANDesk user capable of running the web console, remote control and reporting.  Everything else is turned off.  It would be helpful if they could see if a user was affected by a recent patch when they call in, but since they do not have the Security and Patch Manager part of the console, they do not get the ability to view Security and Patch Information by right clicking on a system in the console.  I've searched through the provided reports and even attempted to create my own, but with little success.  Does anyone know if there is a report or something else that I can provide our helpdesk with?  The LANDesk administrators do not wish to open up the Security and Patch Manager functionality to the helpdesk.  Thanks for any info you can provide!