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    OSD Multicast Speed


      I am testing using LANDesk for imaging our computer labs, currently we use Ghost. I can create the image and push it to 1 or 2 machines. When I try to use multicast it is taking forever to transfer the image to the clients. I prestaged the image on the MDR but that doesn't semed to have made any difference. The image is 40gb, at the rate its going it will take about 160 hours to transfer, it takes about 2 hours using Ghost. Any suggestions on increasing the speed or what may be setup wrong? I guess according to the log 1 failed but the other 2 have the multicast screen up.



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          Hi Steven.  Unfortunately you've run across a known issue.  Multicast is known to be extremely slow in 8.8 and previous.


          The current 9.0 alpha builds already have a MUCH better multicast that will improve things.  For now I would recommend using direct targeting until you can get to 9.0.

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            I work at a large educational institution, and rely heavily on Ghost to meet our imaging deadlines.  My one big disappointment with LANDesk is that it simply cannot do this kind of large scale imaging.  I am glad to hear that this is improving in 9.  I hope that we will finally be able to scale down to using one console for everything.

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              Well I've complained the last several versions about the speed, I've been told several times by LANDesk support "it will be improved in the next version" so I'll believe it when I see it. It's really the only fault I've found using it so far.

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                MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                It's been a long time since I did it, but I used to use LANDesk to perform Ghost multicasting.  I beieve it was possible to launch the Ghost multicast server via commmandline using a landesk LOCEXEC command in a custom script and then do the imaging pieces that would boot the clients and get them ready to launch the Ghost multicast client.


                When I had it working it was great because I got the landesk beenfits along with the ghost speed.


                Sorry I can't tell you exactly how I ddid it because it's been so long, but it was possible


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