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    USMT Template and MigExclude Issues

    CMulca Rookie

      I have been trying to get better control with what is copied over using the USMT template that was setup for us when first starting to use the End Point Manager. By "better control" I mean the following


           1. Exclude the Administrator and Public profiles from copying over

           2. Exclude certain program files from transferring from "C:" and "C:\Program Files (x86)"


      My attempts to do this consist of the following


           1. Include this syntax in the "command line parameters" within the capture and restore templates

                /ue:*\* /ui:testuser

                /ue:*\Public /ue:*\Administrator /ui:testuser


                Note: Testuser is a domain account and imports properly. Also, I have tried many variations (inverting the /ui and /ue triggers etc.) on this type of syntax. I am also familiar with the notion "/uel" supersedes "/ui" supersedes "/ue"


           2.  I have included the following type of lines in the MigExclude.xml file within the USMT on our core server and it doesn't ever seem to make a difference. I look at the log and it continues to process items I enter exclusions for with the following format.

                <pattern type="File">C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\* [*]</pattern>

                <pattern type="File">C:\Python27\* [*]</pattern>

                etc. etc. etc.