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    ITFM in ISM

    rizalray Apprentice

      Dear All,


      Right now I learning about Financing in ISM. I would like to know how far ITFM in ISM is implemented? Can we budgeting some department/team? and how to monitoring the budget. Did we need to monitoring it manually, ex. We calculate the actual cost using report and comparing it to budget, or it will calculate automatically everytime we create task/incident/request/etc and will alert user if the budget is over.





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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Rizal,


          I can't answer all those elements directly at the moment, but the OOTB behaviors are fairly well outlined in the help files:



          Beyond that, ISM is metadata driven, so you are welcome to build out customizations to meet the rest of your needs.



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            Pedro@marxtar Rookie

            Hi Rizal,


            ITFM will work depending on how you configure the tool. However, in terms of monitoring the budget you can use Analytic Metrics to trigger certain actions/worflows when a threshold is passed to inform someone.

            It will be hard to calculate costs at the point of creation of a task/incident/request as you do not know how much time you will spend resolving a ticket (that will have to be factored in the costs). So you have to capture time spent on the activity at the end so you can factor it in your calculations.


            Hope this helps!


            Best wishes

            Pedro Ferreira

            ITSM Consultant