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    Error in Internet Explorer when try to use API

    asz Rookie



      I have some issue with API and simple query similar from the guide.

      After I made simple query in JavaScript and tried run on Internet Explorer then it not working, so I tested it on Edge, Chrome or FireFox and there it is working fine.

      Internet Explorer report error: Object doesn't support this property or method in Landesk/Ivanti connetor file.


      Has anyone had a similar problem and solved it?


      I made more complicated code for Survey in Service Desk with radio buttons but also this working only on Edge, Chrome or FireFox but unfortunately client mostly use IE11.


      This is the code:


      <html lang="pl" style="overflow:auto">


      <script type="text/javascript" src="webAccessConnector-1.1.js"></script>

      <script type="text/javascript">

      var webConn = new webAccessConnector({ 

      webAccessUrl: "/test2.WebAccess", loginOnDemand: true,

      loginUser: "sa", loginPass: "Pass"



      var myQuery = { class_name: "Config._Urzadzeniatele", attributes: "Title,Class,_Typurzadzeniatele"};



      queryData: myQuery, onLoad: handleResult, onError: handleFail



      function handleFail(result) {

      document.getElementById("testResult").innerHTML = "Error: " + result.errorText;



      function handleResult(result) {

      var myObj = result.data;

      document.getElementById("testResult").innerHTML = JSON.stringify(result.data);







      <div id=testResult>Result</div>










      This is the error: