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    Auto Close after 3 days is not working

    abuzaki92 Rookie

      Hi all,


      I've been following the guideline(Using Calculations to replace and enhance AutoClose (or automatically move any process on to any status with any action) ) to auto close tickets at status "Request Completed" after a period of time.

      I'm trying to apply this function to Service Request module but it's not working.


      This is my AutoCloseFlag calculation which I followed almost exactly like the example. But to speed up the process, I used 1 hour instead of 24 hours(3 working days).



      For the query, I think the AutoCloseFlag is returning "False" value instead of "True" because when I test the criteria conditions, it's not showing the ticket at "Request Completed" status. So, the Scheduled Bulk Action unable to run the autoclose function.




      Can anyone help me to solve this problem? It would be highly appreciated.


      Thank you