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    Pitmac1 Apprentice

      Hey ServiceDesk Pals,


      Our organization uses ServiceDesk 2017.3. Is there a good article or reference that anyone has used to create/setup Surveys after incident closure in ServiceDesk? Also is there a way for only a certain percentage of surveys to be sent out?


      Looking for information.



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          Pitmac1 Apprentice

          I was able to find the Prebuilt Content PDF documentation from the OOTB design. I was able to get to the point where the survey email would be sent out but there is no URL. Is there something that needs to be done in process designer for the link to be available through Web Desk?



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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            That looks like a hard-coded URL in the reminder email that gets  sent out.


            Normal convention IMHO is to use the process-approver URL if you can in email as setup in the console as one of the system settings and then you just put the generic process approver url in the email and it is rendered with the correct lifecycle data when the email is created.  ie {$ApplicationSetting.ProcessApprover.WebAccessApproverURL$}



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