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    Manage requests for access to network shares

    DaveGillen72 Rookie

      Looking to see if anyone has found a good way to manage user requests for access to shared network drives, distribution lists, etc ?

      We're in the process of merging 9 legacy infrastructures (AD, Exchange and File Shares) into one.

      This means we've currently got over 1000 file shares in a three tier structure, likely to expand to between 3000 and 5000, so obviously picking from a list isn't a good plan.


      Has anyone found a good way of helping users with these type of requests ?

      Think we can probably automate the process in due course, but we need to help our largely non-technical users ...

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          DaveGillen72  I think one Service Request item but with one or three dropdown lists on it (with cascading filtering if the latter option of 3 levels is used) is the only way I can think of.  If it were me the dropdowns would be based on the config items with the data being stored in the CMDB CI Type.  I’d then apply an attribute template to these dropdowns so then dropdown as multiline selections so that they can also be filtered at runtime by more user friendly data also stored on the CI type(s) you create.


          The only alternative would be via a multi-tier category tree dropdown for the differing levels.


          As you say nothing is ideal for this many selectable options but what other choice do you have I wonder other than “plain, boring” free text field and ask them to input manually.



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