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    Track non inventory items in Data Analytic

    neon88m Rookie

      How can I get non inventory items such as iPad or iPhone into Data Analytic?

      A User may have more then one item issued, how can I track and report both inventoried and non inventory items by user name?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Not entirely sure what you're after here BUT ...


          ... an inventory scan file is "just a text file" ... the up-shot of which is, you can happily create them yourself to create dummy entries for "stuff you care about" (and by and large you'll just need a consistent unique identifier).


          So for example - put the following into a text file & save it as ".SCN" or ".MP" if you've got real-time normalisation rules enabled in LDDA and throw it into the LDSCAN folder on the Core (so -- "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldscan\" by default):

          Device ID ={SomeUniqueString_Ideally_SID-based_and_Consistent}

          Device Name =TheDeviceName

          Network - TCPIP - Address =

          Network - TCPIP - Subnet Mask =

          Network - TCPIP - Default Gateway Address =

          Network - TCPIP - Default Gateway MAC Address =00AABBCCDDEE

          Network - TCPIP - Host Name =TheDeviceName.DomainName.Suffix


          OS - Name =Something Relevant I care about, such as 'Apple OS X'

          OS - Version =


          Domain Name =DomainName.DomainSuffix

          Qualified Login Name =FANTASIA\AdminBill

          Primary Owner =CN=UserName,CN=Users,DC=DomainName,DC=DomainSuffix


          ... for instance, and "voila" - you have an entry for a device. You can add memory capacity / storage capacity & so on.


          Now - we *do* have an agent for Iphone and IPad's out there (the mobile device stuff), which you may be licensed for (you may want to check). So you can put an actual agent down & have it do those things (note - mobile devices will require a physical or a virtual CSA [Cloud Service Appliance] due to the nature of how APNS & such work).


          Information on how to enable storing of scans (so you can pick 'em apart yourself) is here -- How to enable the Inventory option Store Scans on the Core Management Console .


          So - you can eithe "Properly" manage them with an actual agent, or you can create dummy records & update them semi-regularly with some script, for instance.


          Lots of options.


          (Though I'd recommend "actually" managing them properly).

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            neon88m Rookie

            Thanks for the suggestion, will inserted item added to license count?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Usually that's a conversation for you & your sales rep.


              By and large, it can usually be argued that "it doesn't", since it's not really a managed device ... but there's usually some "it depends" type factors in here, so you'll want to check with them.


              I would suggest you check (potentially) at the same time whether you may have the licensing module for the mobile client -- as that would make for a much easier life than a static record.