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    Office 2008


      Has anyone had any problems deploying Office 2008 with LANDesk?  Has anyone built the Office package using iceberg?

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          Office 2008 is already in a mpkg format. Why would you want/need to repackage it?

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            I was talking about making a silent install.  So you don't have to enter the key code and those things.

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              Do you have a volume license? If so, you should be able to download the VL installer from your Microsoft license site, check with your MS rep.

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                If i get that is there anything else to do to make the install silent with LANDesk?

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                  It'll come as an Apple installer package which is the best format to have. Just zip it or put it inside a disk image.


                  The updaters are packages as well.

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                    Thanks Patrick.  Can the update files be placed in the same .zip  or do they need to be their own package?


                    If I don't have a volume licence.  What do you recomend using to create a silent install?

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                      They need to be in their own zip file and all deployed separately. LANDesk for Mac doesn't allow for dependencies or grouping like it does on the PC side. But you can have a policy set so all Office 2008 12.0.0 installs get the 12.1.0 patch and all 12.1.0 installs get the 12.2.0 patch, etc. This way it will patch itself eventually based on your policy check settings.


                      If you don't have a volume license, you have a retail license and therefore don't have the same serial # for all your installs. Either way, the installer is a .mpkg which will install silently. It just won't be serialized if you don't have the volume license installer.

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