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    Convert Landesk image to .pvm type

    GarciaH Apprentice

      I have Landesk 2016 with a golden Windows 10 v.1803 image. I have a request from another IT member to convert it to .pvm format. Can that be done? If so, what would be the best way to do this?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Urm  - are we talking about THIS kind of PVM file here -- https://fileinfo.com/extension/pvm (link to 3rd party site) -- ?


          If so ... that's a "virtual machine" and very much *NOT* an image file (like a WIM would be for instance).


          If your colleague just wants to create a virtual machine using a gold image, create a blank virtual, and provision it "as a normal device" using that image file with the usual provisioning process.


          If they want something else ... well, they should come & clarify things.


          Other than that ... well - depends on what format your image is. If you're using WIM's then "all normal rules applicable to WIM's apply" ...

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            WEdwards Rookie

            pvm may have been a simplification and an easy solution. We'd have to package a standard image as a pvm file and I don't think that will be that simple.

            Parallels can boot into the ivanti preboot environment however our requirements are secureboot and uefi and there seems to be some kind of disconnect with parallels 14 and sorting that out. So at this current time I don't think there is much on the ivanti end that can resolve this issue.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              OK - so sounds like it's a 3rd party issue at present. So marking this thread as "assumed answered" as it doesn't appear that we can do much here.