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    Has anyone successfully imported Notes on Landesk/Ivanti Service Desk?

    JohnO Specialist

      Hi Everyone,


      Has anyone successfully imported any data on to Landesk/Ivanti Service Desk Notes? We are planning to end our old ticketing system and move our old tickets (with notes) onto Landesk/Ivanti Service Desk. Our technicians use the notes always and we tried mapping it onto Landesk/Ivanti Service Desk and they don't seem to get imported. We were thinking maybe something isn't mapped properly. We added a "Old HDA Ticket number" onto Notes and tried importing it from an Excel sheet but nothing was imported. We are also thinking about adding the GUID from our Excel file thinking that it might also help link it with the existing Landesk/Ivanti incident tickets. Would you suggest importing them from the backend via SQL? We are afraid that this might do more harm on how the Landesk/Ivanti software handles the process.






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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          JohnO I must admit I’ve managed to escape having to do this in all the years I’ve been working with ServiceDesk!  


          I think the trouble with import is being able to pick the key value as this has to be a string and obviously you really want it to be the main lifecycle reference number (int32).


          The SQL method should work.  If it were me i would, in my **TEST** system, and via SQL server management studio, manually create a row in the notes table with just the GUID of the parent object plus TITLE etc and see if it works OK.


          Another method could be to setup an event and data mapping in Event Manager that performs the the Add Note function and then point your import at the EVENT table.  You will need to pass the GUID of the parent process plus event source and type static values etc but this should work too; if it doesnt then at least they will fail to process but not screw up the system and you can just delete them from the queue afterwards.


          My approach would be to pick the method and try will one or two test items, and in your TEST system.



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