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    Incident SLA issues

    Dan_Mills Specialist

      Hi all


      We've just associated SLAs to Services to turn on the SLA subscription service in Incident.


      It's all gone well except for a couple of issues


      1. There are older Incidents that are from before the SLA was turned on, that are triggering the Threshold escalations and breach emails all in 1 hit (we've set the email to send out to task owners so that's why there is multiple):



      This seems to be random as it has not happened to all open incidents, only a small number and I'm not sure why this is triggering.


      2. We have a number of odd incidents that are not picking up the override conditions even though they have been set correct:


      Example is Service Called Citrix XenDesktop:


      Incident 1:


      Incident 2:



      I have no idea why either of these are occurring so any help would be appreciated.



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Dan,


          Sorry no one has seen and replied to this so far.  I'd recommend you open a ticket with support for these issues if you haven't already.  Each should be a separate ticket as they are two distinct issues.  Support should be able to help you track down what's going on.



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            Dan_Mills Specialist

            Thanks Jon


            I managed to figure it out in the end


            Issue 1 was due to key fields being triggered and the SLAs catching up

            Issue 2 was due to the Employees not being in the right Org Unitl for the SLA



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