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    CI Error Message

    Dan_Mills Specialist



      I'm getting the below error when opening a CI from the main CI tab:



      Opening the CI from the Child BOs work fine.


      This is only in our STG env and is working fine in Production, but I can't see what the difference is.



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Dan,


          I've seen this before when there's a bad field reference on the listview's preview form.  It's not an obvious spot to look so check there and see if you find a difference.  If that doesn't get it worked out, please log a support ticket as this is an error message, support is a good channel to pursue this.



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            lgtandi Specialist

            Check that in the "CI" layout a specific form view is defined for the "Database" CI type and that within the list view definition this form view is set to be used on request to create and show this object type.