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    ITIL v3


      Is there anyone here that has used the beta 7.3 beta? I would like to know if it has out of the box support for ITIL v3 processes. The current included processes appear to be v2 based. I am interested in the Request Fulfillment process that now exists in v3, previously had parts of this in Incident Management with ITILv2.

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          Hi nogi,


          I have to implement now a separate Request Fulfillment process as well. which is supposed to be separated form the normal incident process. Did you get any response on this issue, or did you make any progress yourself?


          Thank you very much.


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            There is not much in the  OOTB today. There will be something done in 7.4. Especially dealing with Service catalog and Request fulfillment.



            I am myself in the middle of a project with a customer using LANDesk.

            The goal to be  ISO 20000 certified 2013. That includes most of the ITIL V3 processes.

            The first process went live for a year ago.


            Some facts:


            - 33000 incidents the first year

            - 80000 emails sent from the system

            - The database: 2.6 Gbyte

            - 64 bit Windows 2003  ( 4 productions servers, 4 test and development servers and 2 development clients.

            - 4 environments ( Production , test and  2 development emnvironments). Test is "always" a copy of production. In development we develop and produce design transfers packages together with manual actions to get the package to the test  environment). The Customer runs tests and accept or reject the "package" by using the test environment. If the test is ok the "package" is scheduled  to be implemented live. We have 2 development environments due to the demand of runing parallel development projects simultaneously. When a "package" is accepted the used development env is erased and a new copy is taken from production after that the " package" is deployed. This way we always do changes controlled.  It works ok. We have up to now had one 2 hour stop of the live system during the first year.  That stop cost the customer a days manual work to catch up...


            So far:


            Incident, Problem and Change is done. Knowledge Management too.

            SLM with SLA, response levels, surveys and  transaction measurements on performance is the active project for the moment.

            During the rest of 2010 Service catalog and request fulfillment will be implemented.


            Tools in LANDesk used are:


            Clone domain to create new domains for new process types ( Request fulfillment, Transaction measurements)).

            The Call domain for incoming calls. Calls get transformed to Incidents , RFC and Business Service requests

            Incidents with surveys

            Lots of emails through reminders  ( Different e-mail inboxes "hidden" under links so that replies on Incidents, changes and Request updates the right process.

            Configuration structures


            It is a bit of challenge but it is going well.


            One of them is effective  reporting and the demand of a "cube database" approach to analyze all the information that is generated in LANDesk.  We are using Crystal Reports Server as one of the tools. It is a good reporting tools but not a general "cube" database.  


            So I am quite anxious to discuss all aspects of ITIL V3 and ISO 20000  and LANDesk.



            LANDesk Partner in Sweden

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              LANDesk have recently achieved full pink verification for all 14 ITIL 3 processes, so you should really wave that inforamtion in the direction of your account manager.  They can then probably help let you (and us!) know what the plan is for making these new shiny toys available.

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                aparker Employee

                Speaking as one of the people who did all the work for that. (Can you hear my trumpet ?) A lot of the design work that we implemented was based on standard product functionality. There will be some information and formal design coming from PM about the deployment, but in the meantime, you could have a look at the 'How To...' article I have recently posted on implementing a service based desk in LDSD. (There goes that trumpet again )