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    fails at Configure Target OS

    Johann Apprentice

      Hello Community,


      I created a nice little template to deploy Images via Provisioning.

      It works all fine until the Configure Target OS section.

      I want to insert the Unique ID and it fails all the time. :-(

      I cant' see whats wrong in my template. Could someone please help me?


      See the logs from the core an the client attached after doing

      ldProvision.exe -c CORESERVER -V 255





      Edit: I forgot to tell which version of LANDesk we are using. Its 8.7 SP6

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          After it fails while you are still in WinPE tell me if you can browse the C drive through the command line.

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            Johann Apprentice

            Yes I can browse the C drive.

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              Historically there were a few issues with the configure target OS action, that lasted up to 8.8 SP2.  I suspect they have been fixed in SP6 for 8.7, however you may want to have a look at this:


              - If you are using a cmdlines.txt as part of your sysprep process, there was an issue with CTOS not being able to append the lines to add the provisioning client install correctly.  I found that deleting the cmdlines.txt and moving the stuff installed there into a batch file kicking off at GUIRUNONCE in sysprep was a workaround.  As a test, delete the cmdlines.txt as an action before running CTOS and see if it gives you more luck.


              - Enable debug level logging on the core server's provisioning log.  Change the loglevel.ini file in the logs\provisioning directory.


              I hope this helps~ Either way, it may merit opening a ticket with the factory.