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    Distribution Package Not Copying New Files


      I used the LD Enhanced Package Builder to create a simple package that copies 4 new files over existing older ones located in the $ProgFilesDir$.

      I pushed this package.  And everything worked well.

      Two Hours later the vendor released another new file, same name, same version, new revision.  So both files are called "Execute.exe", one is version and the other is

      No matter what I do I can not get the new package to update the file to


      I have deleted the old package cfg and exe.  Removed the old distribution and scheduled task.  Created everything new from scratch.  Ran the scheduled task, with the new files in the new build, with the new distribution package.  Completed successful in the log - file is still the old version.  I have even deleted the existing files on the target - reran - still old files.


      All I can think of is that the sdmcache on the target is doing something - but I can't figure out what.

      Can I delete items in the sdmcache on remote machines without causing problems?