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    Using HTTP for all packages

    jerrod Apprentice

      I am currently migrating to EPM 2018.3 with a side-by-side migration. I chose to start fresh instead of using our existing database. One of the changes I'd like to make is using HTTP for all packages instead of a combination of HTTP/UNC. Since Mac packages require HTTP and the CSA does as well, it seems to make the most sense.


      Are there any caveats to only using HTTP?


      Currently, the default HTTP settings leave everything accessible to any user on our network. Although users can't install software, they could easily find information that they shouldn't, such as license keys. Is there a recommended way to make this more secure without causing problems during package and patch deployment?



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi, major caveats are that except for single file installers you won't be able to do a run-from source type installation since the files will need to be downloaded to the client before execution. Generally not much of an issue but can slow provisioning down for some people.


          You can set up windows authentication on your HTTP shares and configure credentials in your preferred server settings so that they aren't anonymous access.


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            jerrod Apprentice

            Great, thanks. Running from source isn't an issue for us, but something I didn't consider.