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    Company, Customer & User

    gramsay Specialist

      We really don't use the Company field in our set up. However I can't see any way of removing it from the window and retaining the filtering between customer and user. Can this be done?


      Also when I was looking into this I discovered that any group of any kind we created was being added to the company table. This means that all groups appear on the company drop down list and any queries written on the company object show all groups. Has anybody encountered this behaviour before? I've attached a view to show what I mean.

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          Hello Graham!

          My suggestion is not to use the ootb filtering if You do not use the company.  If I remember when I tried to understand the functionality I came to an conclusion that the Primary group of the raise user has impact on this ootb filtering functionality. I think the raise user must have a customer as a primary group.  And if the primary group  is empty it populates wrong type of group in the company field. Maybe someone at Avocent can explain the details in more detail.


          I simply made my own filtering with use of filtering from object designer. Works prefect and You control how it is working. 



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            magelan Apprentice

            Hi Göran,


            you wrote, you made your own filters in object designer. Do you have a filter, where you choose the customer OR user, and it filters the company, the user or customer is part of? I have exactly this challenge but can't get it working. I have working filters for RaiseUser and Customer, but company wont work. Maybe you have a solution for this.


            Thanks and best regards