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    Manual update of IM_Incident_Resolution (under SQL)

    JohnO Specialist

      In the process of mapping and test import of resolutions into the LANDESK, I noticed that the user and the date, time resolution was completed will not map correctly to LANDESK as the system throws exception errors. I would like to know if it is safe to manually update the tables in SQL for the following fields post import into LANDESK.


      I would appreciate anyone's feedback on the safety and updating of the following fields manually in SQL table.


      1. [im_creation_user_guid]

      2. [im_last_update_user_guid]


      4. [im_last_update]

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          JohnO  I presume the errors you mean are from trying to map these fields in a Data Import right.  The 4 fields above are presumably on the Resolution object to.


          I cant see any reason you cant import directing into this object from SQL and populate these fields too.  Just remember to poke the parent Incident GUID in the related attribute to create the relationship. 


          Always try in DEV first though and with just one row you can test on.



          MarXtar Ltd

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