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    Delete custom key added in BIOS

    AYuserBS Rookie



      I need to add some custom fields for my inventory, and I have added them in the BIOS root for a machine.
      These fields are already propagated to other machines (I used the BIOS field as root to be sure that all the inventoried machines have it), but now I want to know how to completely delete some custom registry string fields.

      I did a research and I found some tips about how to delete a windows registry key, that would be the easiest way, but I can't find anything about non-windows registry keys.


      Is it possible to delete them with a script or something?
      I want to avoid to touch the SQL database.


      side question: where do you usually put your custom registry fields? I see that there is the Custom Data root for machines, but I'm wondering if the problem would be the same since I can't find these keys inside Windows registry.


      Thank you

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          OK ... why is it that you put Custom Data into the BIOS section, exactly ...? That seems a bit odd.


          You *CAN* create any kind of "path" for inventory as needed, in theory  (though this is a longer subject). The devil is in the detail here (and you can equally MODEL new DB tables so that you can have a location of - say "MyCompanyData" that would store (for instance) a device's Asset Management ID and unique identifiers you care about.


          I'm a bit hesitant in "generally" giving advice here, as there's usually a bunch "be careful" type stuff that applies here.


          As long as this is all UNMODELLED data (which I would assume to be the case), though I've documented the process of creating custom modelled tables ... there is a tool that can be used to wipe out "all" unmodelled data which you specify that can be picked up here -- How to download the Database Repair Utility (DBRepair.exe) .


          Hints for first use:

          • Make sure you have a FULL database-backup before you start using it (you COULD do yourself a fair bit of damage).
          • Make sure you STOP the Inventory service before using it!
          • Read the article CAREFULLY.


          The DBREPAIR tool will show all unmodelled data ("easy" version == "non standard"). If you chose to delete something with DBREPAIR, it'll delete ALL associated data values.


          So if you delete "COMPUTER - BIOS - MyCustomField" -- then this value will be gone for *ALL* devices (there's no selective middle ground here).


          Does that help / make sense?

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            AYuserBS Rookie

            Hello phoffmann,


            yes, it definitely makes sense and the reason why I put my custom field in the BIOS section is just because I'm sure that every machine will have that item in the inventory.
            As I wrote, I saw that it also exists a specific "Custom Data" section in the Inventory, but I'm not sure it actually exists for every machine, indipendently from the OS/hardware/etc.


            I'm still new to Ivanti and I'm wondering what is the best way to configure everything for my needings.

            Anyway thanks for your reply, as I suspected the only way to delete these entries is working on the DB, I thought it was possible to create a task to fix it or simply delete it from a machine.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Ohhkay - NOW I understand your thinking.


              Very good - but unnecessary .


              So the way inventory works is that we only SHOW places that "have a value". So for instance, you'll not likely see a WINDOWS device that has a Linux type software entry (they go into different places). So instead of showing you a bunch of "empty", the console / inventory automatically filters that out.


              So if you want data to appear in "location Y", it "doesn't need to exist first" ... if it's empty to begin with, it'll show up once you add the custom data in there.


              Now ... if you're brave & don't mind some reading material, you COULD contact support to have them give me a poke ... there's a white paper (about 150 pages of which + "exercise materials") which are being reviewed at the moment, where I explain in quite some depth

              • Mainly - how to build your own custom DB-tables (and fill them with custom data)
              • ... as background/context, a LOT of explanation on how inventory "actually works" - database-side & otherwise.
              • ... the support guy/gal can contact me (internally) & I can swing them the DRAFT materials (the article is unpublished as yet, since it's not final reviewed) ... that's about the only way that I can "safely" get you draft data that's a bunch of MB in size overall.

                But there's a LOT of stuff there to learn & pick up & play around with if you want it .
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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                There *is* a way to delete it "from just this machine" ... but that involves fiddling around with the database as well (and is - in fact - one of the use-cases I go through in the aforementioned white paper ... in slow detail).