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    Create Ticket in Service Desk and CA Service Desk via Web Services

    bmpires Apprentice


      I Need to create a Ticket in Service Desk 2017 version and simultaneously in other plataform via Web Service, and when in CA SDM send a update make change in Service Desk.

      How can i do that? can any one help in this matter whith information?




      Bruno Pires

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          bmpires You could be lucky that webservice behaviour of an object,  and Event Management, for outbound and inbound respectively could be an option but where this sometimes falls down is when the 3rd party system cant be actioned via a single web service call.  For example in some systems there are multiple calls; request a connection token, use this to find the record to update, if found then update it.


          Middleware like RES and LPM could perhaps flatten that down for you but you still will probable end up needing to write code of some form or another to leverage API’s.


          Another option is to let the middleware do this for you.  Checkout the CONNECT product from Ivanti partner Expertize GMBH as this makes the connections a lot simpler to setup though this is a chargeable product/subscription.  Daniel von Geisau, their CEO is very approachable if you are interested and they have a nice product.



          MarXtar Ltd

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