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    Managing Lost/Stolen Assets

    jriv Rookie

      What do folks do when their assets are reported lost or stolen? I'm looking for best practices using the Ivanti UEM and other tools.



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          Kayla.Culpepper SupportEmployee



          Thanks for posting to the Ivanti Community.


          Sorry that it seems no one has the answer to be able to assist you on this yet.  Did you manage to get any further information on this? Please share anything you deem useful and the community may be able to offer some help.


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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            You could have a custom data field with the "status" (if it's lost / stolen or whatnot).


            Note that the EPM product isn't REALLY an Asset Management tool (since that includes a bunch of lifecycle history etc) -- you can throw info like that in there so that it can work as "something of a starting point".


            A bit more information on context / what you're after would be helpful.