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    execute distribution package for any user

    msheahan Rookie

      I'm trying to execute a distribution package for any user that logs on to a machine.  The distribution package sets power settings for the user - screensaver timeout, forced screensaver etc.  The package works for the first user who logs in but if another user signs in to the same machine the package doesn't run because it has already been executed for this machine.


      Is there a way to force this package to always install or a different way I'm not thinking of?  The distribution package a .bat file that creates registry keys for the HKCU




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Hmm - you could throw a command-line for the SDCLIENT stuff into the RUN-key of the OS on the devices where this is needed? Or include a call to it in your logon script (assuming that this may be for hot-desks) ?


          You COULD make it a "run as desired" type policy, but that'd require end-users being educated (a possibility too) depending on the details involved?


          HKCU *can* be a bit tricky since uesrs tend to have pretty low permissions more often than not.