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    jlelong Apprentice

      Hello ,

      I need to deploy the agent on dell wyse thin and embedded, on the agent configuration I only find the HP thin agent configuration.

      I tested with the linux agent configuration on a dell wyse thin machine but the task still remains active without change!


      We use a landesk 2017 Version


      Any help please !!

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It sounds like they're running a flavour of Linux ... do you know what OS we're talking here?



          CentOS ?

          RHEL ?


          You could try to install a linux agent on it first of all as a standard pull basis. If that errors out, you may well find that it's some sort of customised OS (which may or may not work).


          (If memory serves, the HP devices, for instance, use an Ubuntu base).


          Be mindful that with 2017.3 onward, we've got a completely re-architected Linux agent (which also supports more OS'es such as Raspbian). You can find more info here:


          That should be a starting point. There isn't just "a Linux distro" - there's tonnes of them (and even customisable / homebrew types) ... so there's a bunch of "it depends" approaches here (depending on what Dell did). Start slowly, with a pull-based approach ... that'll give you the most info.

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            jlelong Apprentice

            phoffmann , I tried to push the linux agent on it but it fails.

            Return code 1895

            Result : Agent Refused Access ( Unauthorized )


            the admin user credentials already added to the Global Scheduler on the core !!




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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Yes - that says what you're trying to do. We got that & that wasn't in question.


              It doesn't - in any shape or form - answer / address any of the points I raised.


              Re-read my previous post. I asked questions about what distro this is, I asked about using a PULL-based approach (i.e - running the installer FROM the client), as that gives you more control & you can enable debug-logging & *SEE* any kinds of return messages.


              None of that has changed / been answered.


              When having issues with deploying, you begin with debugging like I suggested above - a little step at a time ... to ensure you're not using a distro that we can't identiy, or don't have missing pre-reqs or whatnot.


              Does that make more sense?

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                jlelong Apprentice

                Hello phoffmann

                i'm sorry i did'nt got your point ,

                what a pull based approach !!

                to answer your question about the OS : is a thinOS


                Thank you

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  So "thinOS" looks like a "homebrew" type Linux distribution by Dell (in which case, it wouldn't be presently supported -- all supported OS'es are listed here -- Supported Platforms and Compatibility Matrix for LANDESK Management Suite/Ivanti Endpoint Manager ).


                  There may still be a good chance that "it  may still work" if it's based (and not too different) compared to one of the supported OS'es (so - say it's Ubuntu based, your NIX admin could probably test things & ammend the NIXCONFIG script to "try & make it work"). Bear in mind that this *ISN'T* going to be supported ... but it may work.


                  The PULL approach is using the NIXCONFIG script (I've provided links to that above), and running that ON the client (via command line).


                  This gives you full feedback & logging options ... so you see WHERE / WHY things fail ... (so that you can see where, if anywhere, things go wrong / fail -- at this juncture, I'd expect things to fail because of "unsupported platform/OS" as present).


                  Does that help / make sense?

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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    ... urm - you don't run the agent-installer .SH script. You don't use the agent-config .SH script at all (that's only produced as a "side"-part / backwards compatibility segment for the MAP-agent for Solaris / HP-UX / AIX really).


                    You run the NIXINSTALL.SH ... (hence me linking to the article - Linux and Unix Agent Configuration Script for Install and Removal (nixconfig.sh) ).


                    <Also, check your - *nix Agent Dependencies >


                    So you want to have something like this (Note - I've copied the certificate file & agent tarballs & the INI-file down purely for convenience & because I distrust networking to work at critical junctures ...) - click on the picture for the full version.



                    I'm using IP-address instead of name for the Core, because I don't usually trust DNS (but if you have reliable DNS, use that). Note that I don't need to specify the certificate, since it's already present locally in my directory ... so that gets used.


                    That should clarify things I hope?

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                      jlelong Apprentice

                      so , i think the thinOS is not supported by the landesk in our case the CLI tool is not available in the thinos system

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                        phoffmann SupportEmployee

                        ... a linux distro without a command line tool ...?


                        That doesn't sound right ... talk to their support people ... that doesn't sound right.


                        It should have SSH if nothing else of some sort ...?