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    Inconsistent branding across various user profiles in WebAccess

    tbuchanan Apprentice



      After upgrading from 2016.4 to 2018.1 we have many users who have lost parts of the branding in WebAccess. None of these settings have been intentionally changed. I have a query to retrieve custom user dashboards and can remove them, but this doesn't do anything to resolve the issue. Has anyone seen something like this before and know how to fix it? I have included some examples below. I am not sure why some users are getting the Ivanti logo as opposed to our corporate logo, again these settings were never changed. Does anyone know how to fix these and get everyone back using the same UI? All tips and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!


      Normal (Desired UI)

      Normal UI.jpg


      Bad UI example 1

      Bad UI 1.jpg


      Bad UI Example 2

      Bad UI 2.jpg


      Bad UI Example 3

      Bad UI 3.jpg