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    Provisioning Stuck On 'Configure Target OS'

    Jose_Freitas94 Apprentice



      Hope someone can help me with this as I have been stuck for days going through countless guides and documents and still not finding a resolution.


      Environment Details

      • Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018.1
      • Standard Ivanti IIS Config
      • Provisioning has never worked for us, this is our first attempt at setting it up


      Our provisioning is not going past the 'Configure Target OS' stage. I have followed countless guides in regards to this issue which could be a countless number of things and none have helped.


      I have managed to get the 'ConfigTargerOSHandler.log' file and had a look through it(attached below), but unfortunately I cant quite understand what is going on however I did notice one thing in regards to a folder path right at the end of the log "2018-12-20 01:30:33(1588-1868) ConfigTargetOSHandler_x64.exe:Setupcomplete.cmd location: c:\Windows\\setup\scripts\SetupComplete.cmd". That patch is definitely wrong as it has 2 backslashes but I am unsure how to change this and also why its doing that to begin with.


      Can you guys help me out, the log file is attached below.


      Thanks & Merry Christmas Everyone!