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    Easy way to maintain multiple patch branches?

    mwingeier Apprentice

      I am currently on 2017.3 SU 5 and I have been asked to look into creating separate patch branches for different systems based upon function.  As far as I can tell, the only way to do this is to manually release patches to groups set up as such, and forego using autofix.  Am I correct in this thinking?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I'd cautiously say "Yes ... depending... on what you care about".


          So you *COULD* use Autofix for a bunch of stuff that (say) you'll "always want patched". So let's say "I always want .NET and Java patched" ... you can leave those as Autofix enabled, since you wouldn't care of the Windows Patch level affected.


          If you care about a certain monthly patch (not) going out to CERTAIN devices, but to others ... then you COULD use Scope-based Autofix for instance. Or you could use patch-groups ... and have devices perform fixes / scans based on those groups.


          That sounds / smells of someone wanting to make your life needlessly painful though. Windows 10 patching can be slow enough as is without having to worry about a heterogenuous system environment. It's something I'd very much advise against (for what little my voice counts) ... those sorts of headaches inevitably tend to only result in someone's behind being bitten ... often sooner rather than later.