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    Driver download

    MKaulfuss Apprentice



      the idea of automatic download of drivers from the manufacturer is great. (Even greater if .cabs released by manufacturers would be up to date, but thats something else...)

      But the function is not very well implemented I think.


      If I am not mistaken, it is not possible to limit the download to that packages necessary for used OS - all versions are downloaded even XP if available.

      Ok, I could live with that.


      But why are old versions downloaded? And why arent even those deleted, which would not be downloaded any more?

      Is there any file or table where data about the downloaded drivers are stored from where you could build a cleaning job?




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So the "don't delete things" is default behaviour - and we do the same with all patches too.


          So if you have a 10 year old Core (for argument's sake), you may find that you have a LOT of stuff that's no longer relevant / needed ... under "normal" circumstances.


          So - this is where our diverse customer base comes in ... a bunch of people wouldn't relly care about (say) Windows XP since they moved off of that. And yet I'm still dealing (for instance) with a bunch of accounts that still use Windows XP (not that it's something that I'm advocating as a good thing).


          So - how do you clean up vulnerabilities / patches & such?


          Well - you can disable RULES (/vulnerabilities) that are replaced using the "disable replaced rules" button here... (click on the images for full size).


          More info on this can be found here -- How To: Manage Superceded Patches in Patch and Compliance Manager (for instance).


          ... and you can DELETE patches for items that hadn't been detected in X (configurable) days via HERE...



          Keep also in mind that "just because there *IS* a driver update" doesn't mean "that the new driver will work / will keep compatibility with your business critical in-house apps". So *NOT* forcefully replacing drivers is generally speaking a good thing, as the amount of sensitivity (around Provisioning, business-critical apps, etc) should NOT be underestimated.

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            MKaulfuss Apprentice



            this may work for patches, but not for drivers.

            I wouldn't push drivers to running systems, be sure.


            As it is I will revert to manually download drivers - as I had three Ivanti-Dell-Driver packages with corrupted storage drivers und therefore unusable. (Same version from Dell worked well)

            It seems to be another Ivanti-toy with great capability but no worth.

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              ldms_4mfe Specialist

              Hi Marco,



              for DELL Updates I can recommend DELL Command Update in Version 2.4 (not the 3.0)

              We are using it for a part of our clients (>1000) with no problems.

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                MKaulfuss Apprentice



                I know this tool, but it would be nice if Ivanti tools we all payed for work as expected.