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    new core transition

    acopeland Apprentice

      We decided to build a fresh server for 2018.3.


      With that, I had heard/seen a presentation at a recent roundup that went something along the lines of getting the new core completely built up and tested and all that, and then when ready change the DNS entry of the old core to the IP of the new core and the devices should start showing up in the new core console where you can then start deploying the new agent, etc.


      Is this the case? I changed the hosts file on a test device running 2017.3 and ran inventory scan and security scan. I haven't seen the device show up in my new core, so I wanted to make sure this was even a real process.



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          acopeland Apprentice

          i guess patience is all i needed.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            So I take it this is all working for you?


            Keep in mind that your 2018.3 Core will have a different cert to your 2017.3 Core ... so you should really try & ensure that you get your clients updated.


            As to "why" it may take some time to populate your DNS - unless you specified the clients to send in a /SYNC scan (and/or tured off "Do Delta" as part of the inventory service, that ALL of your clients would try to send a delta scan to the Core first ... fail that (because there wouldn't have been a record to update WITH a delta in the first place) ... so they'd be marked as being in need of sending in a fully scan.


            There ARE ways to fast-track this (send out a "/SYNC" scan command out from the old Core, for instance) ... but this is stuff that can be - if needed - be talked about with support if need be.


            But yeah - in this scenario (by default) i'm not surprised it'd take time, as your devices would need to run inventory - fail (because of unmatching delta) and THEN would only start populating things slowly... .