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    how to name a PC during LD provisioning and how to specify post imaging tasks.

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      I'm new to LD imaging and wanted to know how to rename a PC during LanDesk provisioning.  the organization I work for currently only used scripts (powershell and VB) and an access database to handle post imaging tasks.  I'm in the process of getting away from those.  attached is a snip of the task that I am trying to run.  I read somewhere that the action to use is the device name prompter and to insert it once the image conveys (not sure if that's true so I wanted to know if I can tell the PC to do that at the start of the image). for my second question I am trying to have my template install several programs (like Mcafee and Global Protect), how would I mod my template to handle these post-imaging actions?  apologies for what could very well be a basic inquiry and any feedback is appreciated!