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    Inaccurate Inventory Information


      Computers appear to be online however they aren't.  DNS records have been scavenged (meaning the computer has been offline for more than 14 days) yet even when I run an Inventory it comes back successfully.  Upon closer inspection the IP in the inventory for the computer is incorrect.


      How do I clean up the database so the correct IP's correspond to the correct DNS names?  Likewise how do I keep it clean?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          You should be careful not to mistake an inventory database to be a DNS-record / backup.


          It's a "snapshot in time" - there's a few things you can do to make (reasonably) sure that your network information is up to date, but all it takes is for a device to be off the network, and/or the inventory service to be down, and/or a variety of other things.


          The information in the inventory database is only going to be as good as the collection methods - and these can vary a LOT given the possibilities and restrictions in any environment.


          What exactly is it you're trying to acheive in the end (accurate, "up to the minute" network information is a challenge at the best of times).


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Thanks for the reply with great info.


            My end of the day purpose is to determine whether a piece of software is still on the network however, when I first need to fix computers that aren't online showing online.


            Here's an example.  Computer named xxyz has an IP os in it's inventory.  When I click on it in the LANDesk management Suite it appears online.  When I try to access it via \\xxyz\c$ the name doesn't resolve.  When I ping -a it returns as computer aabc.


            So how do I make sure that LANDesk doesn't report a computer being online when it's really not?

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              I am also interested in this response, as I find this frequently in my environment also.  I thought it was just a DNS thing and I didn't have enough info to warrant a question.

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                I found out how to do this.


                Configure -> Agent Discovery Options -> Discovery Methods


                Make sure you have DNS and IP Address in the box and then move the DNS above the IP Address and when you look in your console it will X out.  It doesn't solve the problem if the IP staying the database or of the software residing on it, but at least I'm no longer getting false positives about devices that aren't actually on the network.

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Kahlid - the option you've discovered is indeed the correct one to set the background agent discovry.


                  "IP" means we try to use the network information in the DB first. If you have DNS selected first, we will use DNS first.


                  I didn't talk about this, since your initial problem description was about "how to make sure that your network information is up to date", which is a different matter entirely.


                  NOTE -- it's important to remember that this setting (the background disovery, that is), is a CONSOLE SPECIFIC setting - that means that this is not a global setting, but a local preference of each remote 32-bit console. Just something that's important to keep in mind (it'll explain why you may see mixed results on different consoles).


                  Let us know if you need help with the software stuff - this should be covered by SLM really .


                  - Paul Hoffmann

                  LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                    Paul, your 100% correct.  My original statement was misleading pending my assumption of an information stored in the DB mismatch.  The truth of the matter is the DB was right on, since the IP hadn't changed/no new inventory had been done but I should have been using DNS to discovery and now IP.


                    Thanks again.