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    Issue pushing package using Local System account


      I have an application that needs to be installed on all computers.  The installation files are located on 1 server in 2 different shares.  The share that contains setup.exe is a standard share and the share that contains the other installation files is on the same server but in a hidden share.  The setup.exe files calls on files in the hidden share to complete its installation


      So, installation files (setup.exe and config files) are located at \\appserver\install.  The rest of the dependent files are located in a hidden share at \\appserver\config$


      I can log into a PC and browse to \\appserver\install and run setup.exe and the application installs sucessfully.  The application will also install sucessfully if a normanl user is logged on and run the setup.exe using RunAs with admin credentials.


      I am having an issue using LANDesk and deploying the package.  I created a Distribution Package and pointed it to \\appserver\install\setup.exe.  I created a Push Delivery Method using Run from Source.  I create a scheduled task that uses my package and delievery method.  I then deploy the package.  On the computer, I get an application error that it cannot open \\appserver\config$\file  Now, as a normal user, I can browse to that file and run it, so I am thinking the issue is with LANDesk using the Local System account and trying to access the \\appserver\config$ share.  On all shares, I have the Everyone Group and the Domain Computers group with Read Access.


      Any idea?  Is it possible to run a package with admin rights instead of using Local System?