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    Server Clusters - Install an Agent?

    JacobTucker Apprentice

      We have server clusters in our environment. Our network team is claiming that they consist of two or more servers and that they would be incapable of having an agent on them. Though we are installing agents on the servers inside, I would be interested if any of you guys have ever installed an agent on a cluster or if its even possible. These "clusters" are coming up in UDD as Windows Servers.

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          Casity.chris SupportEmployee

          Hey Jacob,


          We have not tested this in house so it wouldn't necessarily be supported. However, I can't forsee any problems with this as long as you are using a basic agent (no fancy features). Either way, you would want to test this but including things like EPS, Real-Time inventory, XDD, etc. could potentially cause more headaches.


          If you get a chance to test this out, we would be glad to hear your results on this post.


          Best Regards,


          Chris Casity