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    Windows 7 migration to Windows 10 with application, Restore Files and Printer settings

    A.Hamaydeh Apprentice



      I’m having some conflict and I’m looking for some feedback


      Windows 7 migration to Windows 10 with an application using EPM tool this part completed successfully with applications, but the most important to have a backup for all the files from Download folder, documents, and desktop. etc. (users files) and Network configuration of the printer on that device to be restored after EPM migration.


      My Question in UWM:


      How can we restore the EM and CM agent after restoring the Win10 image (automated) Or should I use EM in EPM that will not include the Personalization?


      creation database connection failed Personalization



      EM via EPM or UWM?



      Many thanks for any brilliance in advance.

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          randyb1 SupportEmployee

          A.Hamaydeh Documents, Desktop, Downloads, etc. are considered user "data", not personalization/profile settings.  You want to separate data from settings.  Capture settings in EM personalization, but then use Folder Redirection (via EM policy actions) for data.  Or, instead of Folder Redirection, you can utilize Ivanti File Director.


          Network printers should be captured using the "Windows Explorer" WSG (Windows Settings Group) in EM personalization.


          EM (Environment Manager) consists of policy and personalization.  Policy is delivered via a configuration file.  Personalization is delivered via a Personalization Server.  The question should be "should I deliver the agent and configuration file via EPM or Management Center?"  EPM and Management Center are both application delivery mechanisms.  EPM is a fully functional product, whereas Management Center is scaled down, but specifically suited to delivering UWM agents and configs.  You need to deploy the EM agent and configuration file no matter what.  If you want personalization, you need a personalization server.

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