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    LANDesk Giving Error as Forbidden Access

    bhushan265 Apprentice

      Hello Community


      I’m having a lot of difficulty with LanDesk as of lately.  Anytime there is idle activity, the page won’t allow me to go to the Home page to sign back in. I’m literally having to close all open browsers and only then will it allow me back into LanDesk.  I’m using Chrome and have tried resetting cache several times, but ultimately I seethe same issue over and over again throughout the day.


      Access error2.png

      After some time, this again occurred. This time when the user tried to navigate back to home screen they saw this screen instead. They were able to login.  I am not sure if they are related. Please refer to screenshot below,


      Access Error.png

      Can you please suggest as our customers are getting frustrated because of this.


      Thanks in advance