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    What can be used as a Preferred Server?

    hsingy Rookie



      Does anyone knows if Preferred Server need to be a Windows box for content replication? Or can I use a stand alone NAS device and access through UNC and or http with content replicator on the core.


      Thank you


      Shu Hsing

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          amagi Expert

          Do not use the core as content replicator, a replicator has to be a windows device (with ivanti agent): How to configure the Replicator in Ivanti EPM Content Replication

          But you can use a NAS (UNC or http/https if available) and replicate your content with other tools (robocopy?)

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            So "in theory", anything capable of UNC shares (and ideally) / or HTTP shares could be a preferred server.


            IDEALLY you want to pick devices that have healthy NIC's / good network access, probably lots of disk space / SAN-s and such ...


            ... but I've had situations / customers who'd use more or less "a potato" of a device as a preferred server, (usually for small sites) usually because it was a device that "they could guarantee 24 hrs uptime for" and have "a named device" for a given location to trickle / finegle packages to (to help out with "not having to download 10 terabytes of the latest offering of MS Office" via a 56 K modem).


            There's not really much to script as such ... the biggest headache tends to be "X Giga/Terabytes" across very shoddy links to "some far-off location" (and yes, have had to resort to "copy it to USB & post the stick" type situations).


            Some folks use(d) Linux servers (with APACHE, IIRC) as PPS'es (not sure how much hackery was involved there though) ... so options exist.

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              E.Soob Rookie


              What is the specifique system needed for a preferred server ?

              Like the OS, proocessor the network cards and the software ?

              Thank you

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                E.Soob - to answer your question ...


                ... it's not a "high processing" thing. So you're mainly looking to co-opt a file-server or so (though you *CAN* use something like a Windows 7 workstation as a preferred server -- that's often the case if you end up having a tiny site with only 5 nodes to handle for instance).


                So there's no "hard" requirements on a preferred server (as "site specific circumstances" determine / dictate what you can use).


                By and large it's a case of "have a - ideally - decent network connection" and "have lots of storage" ... and "ideally - have IIS as well as UNC". That's not REQUIRED ... but it's good / nice to have.


                You COULD use a potato of a machine as  a preferred server, simply because it's "the only box" that's guaranteed to have a 24-hour uptime (for instance) ... CPU-wise, you're not talking significant stuff (it's a file-store ... it's not going to actually *do* much) ... but you'd like to have decent disks & networking.


                In theory, you can even use Linux systems (with APACHE & such) as preferred servers (at least one of our customers did this, though I've not looked at how much hackery they did for this).


                It doesn't *REALLY* require even having an EPM agent on the box (though that helps a lot).


                So THAT is how you want to approach "which system(s) to pick as preferred servers" ... not a "minimum CPU / OS" ... it's always nice having a NEWER OS (because Windows 7 is going to go EOL before long) ... but it doesn't affect the "will it work - yes or no" side of things.


                Hope that helps?

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                  E.Soob Rookie

                  Really Yes !

                  Thank You