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    How To Add Fonts to Crystal Reports

    John Haddad Expert

      Hello Community

      Hello Julian , as you are the only one respond here


      i've an issue with Crystal Reports ..


      I know it not supported with support , so i have to add this question here maybe someone go through the same



      i created on my local machine an .RTP file .. and added some customized font


      now when add this report to for ex (Request management .rpt) report ,, and the landesk generate this report it will view it in the Arial fonts not that customized one !


      even if i ran this report using (Crystalserver/ BOE/CMC) .. it also ran in arial font


      so i was wondering where should i add this font file ..


      i tried to add it under the fonts in the server that hold the Crystal Server ,, but still not working


      any idea where i can add or if possible to add it into landesk so when generating this report it will work with my TTF font file !!