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    DB Migrate

    John Haddad Expert

      Hello All



      I Have (7.8) OOTB ,, we install the Landesk Service Desk on 2015


      so that's the available OOTB DB that time


      now this DB has to many configuration with many tickets ..


      Is there any way if i want to migrate it into 2018.3 OOTB DB ??


      So i will have fresh new DB with my configuration + Tickets




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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Yes, as you are already on 7.8 you can directly upgrade to 2018.3 as long as OS and SQL versions meet minimum specs etc. If by 2015 you mean SQL 2015 then yes you'll need to upgrade SQL to at least SQL 2018R2  (but I'd go to 2016 if I were you) to match supported platforms. You also don't say whether this is all on one server or multiple servers.


          If you were pre 7.8 then you'd have to had upgraded to 7.8 first and then to 2018.3 in 2 steps.


          Backup the DB, snapshot or backup the server or VM if you can so roll-back if you have any issues.


          Then upgrade OS and SQL if necessary, then bung in and run the SD setup and then MDM (Upgrade) in Configuration Center as normal.


          Go for it! 



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            John Haddad Expert



            you got misunderstand my issue ...


            Of-course i have 2018 SQL servers


            but what i mean the Landesk DB (OOTB)  the one i have is for 7.8 version ,, old one


            now i want to copy the configuration from this into a new one 2018.3 OOTB DB


            not about the environment of SQL

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              John Haddad Expert


              this what i mean ,, to install new OOTB and migrate my configuration with tickets into this new one

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                Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                Ah sorry I misunderstood.


                Migrating in tickets from another SD DB instance is going to be more tricky and not something personally I would look to do as the designs are going to be different.


                Do I recall jcannon did something on this though via some scripting recently (I might be dreaming) ?