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    Approval for incident

    MNABET Apprentice

      Hello, sometimes in my company, an incident should have an approval.


      I tried to add an approuval vote from the incident but when everyone answer, the approval stay in "Waiting".


      How can i create an approval on my incident and switch from "waiting" to "acepted" or "denied" ?


      On service catalog everythings works fine but not on incident. Maybe it's a workflow process but i not know from what i should started.

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          Lafouine Specialist

          Maybe in your Incident approval workflow you can set that when the approval has been approved or denied, it updates the Incident status accordingly:


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            MNABET Apprentice

            Thanks for your fast answer.


            I can create this workflow but how can i request my workflow from my incident and set the user to request ?



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              Lafouine Specialist

              If you could brielfy explain what you are trying to achieve or how the process should work, then we can guide you on how to achieve this.

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                MNABET Apprentice

                We would know that :


                User create an Incident who need an approval from someone else (only the analyst know the person to ask).

                The analyst create an approval and select the person to ask.

                When the person say "yes or no" we want to change the status of the incident (possible with trigger).

                And after the analyst perform the operation.


                If the analyst create manually an approval, go inside, add the person to contact, if the person say yes or no, the approval on the incident stay in "Waiting" mode and never switch to fullfilled.


                Manually approval is too heavy because we should create an approval, go inside and add users.


                If we can have a button on the incident for create the approval and select directly the person it can be good. But my real issue currently is to change the status of the approval request when everyone vote.


                It's more clearer or not ? if not i can take screenshot for explain.

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                  Lafouine Specialist



                  What you can do is to have a quick action called "Select approver" added to the Incident layout. When the analyst executes this QA, a prompt will appear for the analyst to select the approver. Once the approver has been selected, have a field (called Execute Incident approval for example) which will be set to true. This can be done in the same QA above. Once this field is set to true, it will now execute your approval workflow on Incident where the approval will be sent to the selected approver. Once this approver approves or denies, the Incident status will be updated accordingly as already shown before. Remember to reset your field boolean field to false so that if another approver is selected, the workflow will be triggered.


                  PS: what i will strongly recommend is to also have a hidden field called IncidentApproverRecID. When the approver is selected from the dropwdown, the approver rec id will be set into this field (autofill on change of the approver). You can now use this field in the section "User from Context BO field/ Service Request Parameter" in your Get Approval block. Reason for doing is because you may have users with the same display names. So the system might not know which user to select in case the display names are the same. Hence it is better to use the Rec Id since this is unique.


                  Not sure if this is what you are looking at implementing.

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                    MNABET Apprentice

                    That's sounds what we want. Not easy to implement (lot of things to change) but i should try.

                    I searched if i can did it without create new field but not really. The only issue with this method is if i have multiple approval.


                    On Service catalaog it's easy but on incident it's not plug and play ^^