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    HP Monitor Warranty

    garcel1 Apprentice

      As far you know in the Inventory of the machine it possible to find the specification of the monitors including the serial number of the monitors. Is There a way  in order to import the monitors warranty to LANDesk as HP warranty of computers (Data Translation Services) ?






      Thank you in advance

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          LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

          I have not done it but it seems possible. You will need to modify, or copy, the existing rule and edit the main "Form", from the URL Wizard section, to include the monitor serial number.


          You will also need to edit the "Return" section to make sure the data gathered is placed in new inventory values. This way they won't override the computer warranty information.


          Hope that makes some sense.

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            garcel1 Apprentice



            Thank you for the answer.

            It makes sense but i do not have the knowledge about that how to modify  the rule into the URL Wizard and so on. is there any documentation on order to edit or modify the rule in URL Wizard section ?