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    2018.3 - VHD Cache Fails to mount (Randomly) in Citrix Environment

    andreAceIQ Rookie

      Ivanti version 2018:3 (10.2.390.1)


      We're having an issue where the vhd cache fail to mount for random users each day. When a user logs on one of the Citrix servers (there is 3) it seems like it randomly attach the vhd cache or not. It's affecting different users each day - one user can have the problem one day and the other day its working just fine. It's also only 3-5 users out of 30, that seems to be affected each day. There's always atleast one affected user each day.


      All permissions are set correctly and because of the random success of mounting the vhd - permission doesn't seem to be the issue here.


      There is also something bothering because if I check the folder with the vhd caches, a user where the vhd failed to mount, shows that her vhd was modified at the time she logged on to the Citrix server.

      The vhd cache is set to be created on a network drive.


      We've tried to troubleshoot this with the Ivanti support but they didn't find anything within the 3 logs we've sent them. They recommended us to upgrade Ivanti to a later version (the problem started on an old version). But after upgrading last week, the issue persist even on the 2018.3 version today.


      Has anyone seen this issue before and have some guidance for us how to solve it?