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    ccrider52 Rookie

      How do I make the incoming emails go directly to the inbox instead of the account name?

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          John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

          The "account name" is actually simply the email on the mail server itself.


          Therefore, you simply have to configure auto-email retrieval.


          This is done in two locations:


          1) determines if the "account" in question is to be included with auto email retrieval (if IT is turned on).


          Found under Tools | Options | E-Mail Tab | Accounts button.  The auto-retrieve check box.  (Note: it is generally recommended that you also check auto-delete if you are auto-retrieving.  There are clearly exceptions.)



          2) determines if auto email retrieval is turned on for your GM user ID.


          Found under Tools | Options | E-Mail Tab |  More Options button | Retrieval tab.  Check the "Retrieve email every x minutes" option.



          Hope this feedback helps.

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            ccrider52 Rookie

            Thanks for your help John. Much appreciated.



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              John Neighbors SSMMVPGroup

              Glad to help, Chris.


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