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    Full Inventory scan errors


      Please explain these results when running a full inventory scan:


      "not specified"

      "CBA8, unable to contact the remote agent"

      "input string was not in a correct format"

      "unknown status code (0xC0000135,0:309)


      All of these machines are XP boxes.  All have an agent.


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          I haven't seen that before, but I've seen something somewhat similar.  I presume you are trying to run this task from the core server by right clicking on a node and selecting the 'inventory scan' option?  IF that is the case, something seems a bit amiss about the string in the landesk database that holds the client directory.  When you run inventory scans from the core, it uses the ldms client directory stored in the invntory for a client.  I'm not in front of a core at the moment but I think the client path is located under computer - landesk management - client path in a machine's inventory if you look at it in the console.  If that data isn't present and you try to run an inventory scan from the core, the scan fails because LANDesk doesn't know where the client is installed on the remote machine.  You can run the 'restore client records' script in the manage scripts section of the console against a machine to force a full inventory scan.

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            Looks like the agent is corrupted , maybe it was pushed to the computer and the install did not complete properly. My suggenstion is , get your core fully patched and try to redeploy the agent with the advanced agent method.