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    Ignore Agreements attribute and clearing isBreached

    cbrownsword Apprentice

      We have a some Incidents that have been logged with the wrong SLA and have breached (isBreach attribute is true).  We've been asked to remove the breach from these incidents by management.  Other than changing isBreach attribute in SQL is there a way of removing the tick from isBreached in Ivanti Service Desk?


      I've noticed an "Ignore Agreements" boolean which I thought might be useful for us in this scenario but can't find much documentation about it other than what is said below from the manual.  Is there any information I've missed on "Ignore Agreements" that's in the documentation or community or does anyone know how this boolean should actually work?  On testing this, SLA escalations still expire even after ticking "Ignore Agreements" so I'm slightly confused on what this is for.


      From manual:

      "If required, you can choose to ignore the agreement rules when completing an Incident, Problem, Change, Call, Task or Assignment. To do this, you need to ensure that you have added the Ignore Agreements attribute (as a check box) to the required window"